MIBC 2022

2022 MIBC
Studio Rental

Studios available for Rehearsals at Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida

From Monday January 17th - Saturday January 22.

(15939 Biscayne Boulevard - North Miami Beach, FL 33160)

$30.00 every 30 min paid to MIBC.

(Participants must bring their own Music in an iPad, including the connection cable)

To reserve your time slot:

 1. Please select the studio below the date of your preference

 2. Click on the time slot button of your choice- please note that the system allows you to reserve only for 30 mins.

For additional time, please, repeat the process again. 

3. Scroll down to find the studio of your choice

4. Fill out the form  

5. Finalize your payment to complete your reservation.

Repeat the process to reserve every 30 minutes. ​ 


Please arrive 10 minutes before your time slot and leave the studio exactly on time.

Respect other people’s reservation.

No cancelations no refunds


No food or drinks (besides water) allowed inside the studios.


 Please wear your mask at all times.