Live Participants info.


Dear competitors, coaches/teachers, and parents:

We hope everyone is healthy and getting ready for MIBC 2021.

We want to thank you for your patience and support to these young aspiring talented dancers.

After the changes regarding the location, there has been a lot of work to bring you the most accurate information and to welcome all our participants and be part of this unique experience.

Read everything thoroughly to avoid any confusion.

On the first day, you will arrive at Arts Ballet studios at

15939 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami Beach, Florida 33160 and proceed with registration.

Parking is free. Please, do not stand by in between lines while in your car.

Find a place to park and walk to the front of the studios.

We do not want to disturb the plaza's business neighbors during these exciting 5 days.

During classes:

  • Classes have been divided into small groups.

  • Participants will arrive directly to the classroom by the outside doors of the studios at Arts Ballet.

  • The temperature will be taken before entering the classroom and all participants will be provided with hand sanitizer as they come into class.

  • Participants will get an assigned area to place their belongings and change of shoes.

  • Visiting coaches, teachers and parents are not allowed in, during classes.

  • You can observe through our YouTube channels. (Subject to change)

  • Studios 1 and 3 have large windows. You can also observe through those windows keeping social distance.

  • All participants must arrive ready for class, and just change shoes.

  • We strongly suggest participants bring their own water bottle. There is a water bottle refiller for participants to use. There will be no use of the water fountain for safety reasons.

  • All participants must arrive with their masks on and keeping it on during class while maintaining social distance at all times even while dancing.

  • The use of restrooms is restricted to emergencies only. However, there will be personnel to clean after its use.

  • No food or drinks are allowed inside the studios, only water.

  • Once the class is over all students must leave the studios. If competing, students should come back not earlier than 30 minutes to rehearsal time.

  • Note: Classes are not mandatory to attend. However, jury and faculty members may be watching in order to offer scholarships or job offers. Besides, it is always a great opportunity to take classes with our internationally recognized faculty. Classes are free of charge for registered individual participants.

During Competition:

  • Let's clarify that even when our competition was planned to happen at the theater, due to the situation with COVID-19, audiences were not going to be allowed in the house as we did it in the past. Our competition was always planned to be live-streamed.

  • As we used to have free admission to observers of the competition, there will be no fees to pay to observe the competition via our YouTube channel. You are welcome to subscribe.

  • However, we would appreciate you inviting friends and family to register online through our Eventbrite account. (All links will be published tonight)

  • All these links and access to them will be published in all our social media outlets and also they will be sent via email.  

  • Miami International Ballet Competition is a free open to the public event.

  • Competitors should arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before rehearsal time and wait in the warm-up area, keeping social distance among peers.  Then they will be allowed to enter Studio 3 when called to compete.

  • Participants should arrive with make-up and hair done. You can change into your costume at your arrival.

  • Only 1 Coach per studio/school is allowed to accompany the participants from that school.

  • Coaches and participants will enter by door #2 and leave right after the participant has finished.

  • A coach can come into studio 3 for rehearsal and stay with the participant during his/her performance.

  • We hope this information is useful. We will clarify any doubts during our Orientation session via Zoom on Wednesday, January 20 at 7pm.